About Zdravets

The brand has been on the market for several years now and with it‘s good product formulations it is quickly gaining momentum and entering commercial establishments the brand aims to create mass dairy products from the best quality Bulgarian natural resources and to look and select for the best recipes while containing constant quality.

Our mission

Our company is a food manufacturer with a mission to create an offer high quality and nutritious food to the vast majority

In searching of good quality food

In support of our mission our Bulgarian dairy brand was born and developed products eggs healthy and nutritious drinks we realize the power of good and natural food and its effect on our daily life and well being and the power that our country holds with its resources that‘s why we aim to supply the vast majority with Bulgarian products made from natural ingredients without artificial preservatives our products are entirely produced in the company‘s home Bulgaria we believe that health begins with good food and we aim to distribute it to more people.

“Zdravets” – on the market since 1999

Then began the production of a product, without fillers and preservatives, different from the sour milks known on the market during that period. The advantage is the guaranteed use of Bulgarian sourdoughs closely developed with the participation of leading Bulgarian laboratories. Emphasis is placed on the usefulness of the product coming from the use of a naturally created and unique in the world Bulgarian medicine LAKTOBABACILLIUS BULGARICUS for over 70 diseases. Thanks to the exceptional taste and usefulness, Zdravec sour milks quickly established themselves on the market. Sour milks become a benchmark for yogurt known not only in Bulgaria.